Croatia’s First Rehearsal

Croatia’s First Rehearsal

And after the disco party from San Marino, we will have some Opera on stage. Croatia with Jacques Houdek is here. The 35 yo artist will sing  My Friend , a song in two languages ( English and Italian) and the composing team of it are Siniša Reljić, Tony Malm, Ines Prajo, Arjana Kunštek και Fabrizio Laucella. Jacques has tried in the past six time to participate in the contest but this year the Croatian broadcaster chose him through an internal selection.

The artist just before he got on stage stated : “Oh my God, I just want to be able to hear everything that I want hear in my earpiece and in my head, to be able to perform properly. On stage I hope to feel the Eurovision vibe. I’ve been waiting for this my entire life actually!”


Through the whole song we can see  on the LED screens we can see a rainbow, trees and sunflowers.

During the song his face appears duplicated on the back round screen behind.

Vocally he is stable and on stage he has a vocalist, a cellist and 3 back vocalists.



Take a look at Croatia’s first rehearsal video below:



Stefanos Charpantidis

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