Cyprus 2018: Alex Papaconstantinou to compose the Cypriot entry

Cyprus 2018: Alex Papaconstantinou to compose the Cypriot entry

Cyprus came back in the contest in 2015 from then, the island enters the Grand Final. Although RIK, the National Broadcaster was consingering a National Final, the hole concept changed. Once more, a composer that RIK has chosen will compose the entry but the singer will be chosen after an opne contest. The composer has already been chosen, and is the famous Greek-Swedish Alex Papaconstantinou. Alex will compose the song and the artist will be chosen in January.


Alex is 37 years old and he is already a famous producer. He has composed songs for Greece, Azerbaijan and Cyprus in Eurovision. In 2007 he composed Yassou Maria for Sarbel and Greece, in 2009 he collaborated with Arash and composed Always for Azerbaijan and in 2012 he composed La la la for Cyprus and Ivi Adamou. La la la ebded up at the 16th place of the Grand Final and it is the best result for Cyprus since 2006. Apart from Eurovsion, Alex has also collaboaretd with famous Greek stars like Helena Paparizou and Anna Vissi and also has some international works with Enrique Iglesias, Loreen, Margaret,  Arash and Jennifer Lopez.



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