Cyprus 2018: First Technical Rehearsal  

Cyprus 2018: First Technical Rehearsal   

Last  to rehearse today is  Cyprus and Eleni Foureira.

Initially on stage, Eleni Foureira appears alone, dressed in an all-round colorful and very glossy outfit. The top of the outfit is a leather jacket. The colors of the scene are generally blue, yellow and red (more yellow and red). Shattered lasers appear to form a tunnel and Eleni walks through it.

On the screen at that time there are smoke effects. When the track begins to become more dancing, the four dancers are dressed in black, two of which are also in the vocals. There is another person in the vocals but not on the stage. The choreography continues on the second chorus, smoke effects appear again on the screen. After the bridge and towards the end of the song,a fire effect appears on the screen. In the last 30 seconds, there is fire everywhere. 

Fotis Kourouvanis

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