Cyprus 2018: Second Rehearsal for Eleni Foureira

Cyprus 2018: Second Rehearsal for Eleni Foureira

Last of the First Semi Final to rehearse for the second time is Cyprus with the talented Eleni Foureira. Eleni wears a different dress. This one is even brighter and she is wearing a leather jacket also, covering all her arms this time.

At the beginning she is alone on stage and it seems as she is coming from a dark tunnel. Then, four female dancers appear on stage next to her, providing an outstanding choreography.

At the middle of the song fire is coming around her as a visual effect, while, at the end of the song, there are fireballs.

It was definitely one of the best second rehearsal from the first semi final and  Cyprus has a chance to to get  high in the final scoreboard.

Angelo D.

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