Cyprus: Alex Papaconstantinou and Teddy Sky the composers of the Eurovision 2019 entry.

Cyprus: Alex Papaconstantinou and Teddy Sky the composers of the Eurovision 2019 entry.

Following recent quizes and teasers concerning the country’s next Eurovision act, the composers of the Cypriot Eurovision 2019 seem to be more than obvious. 

After last year’s Eleni Foureira’s 2nd place and the massive success following that, this yeat CyBC is facing a challenge to repeat such results. Therefore it is moving in a very careful way but decisively to secure the best act and entry to represent Cyprus in Tel Aviv next May.

Just two days before the Cypriot national broadcaster CyBC announced that it will be revealing progressively information on the next Eurovision entry through quizzes and  teases , on its  official facebook page  “CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus

The broadcaster started yesterday with its first quiz asking what connection is there between Jennifer Lopez’s  hit “On The Floor” with the Cyrpiot entry.The answer is more than obvious ,  Alex P. and Teddy Sky will be the composers of the next Euroviosio entry for Cyprus. Additionally according to INFE Cyprus report  and their communication with CyBC confirmed that the two well known composers are the ones related to next Eurovision entry. On the other hand, rumors having  RedOne being the one to contribute in the song’s composition or production are according to the Cypriot broadcaster not true.


Following these updates today during the morning tv program «Omorfi mera kathe mera»(Beautiful day every day) the two hosts Elpida Iakovidou and Theodoulos Koulapis mentioned the answer on last day’s quiz confirming the same two composers .

Last year Cyprus was represented by Eleni Foureira and the entey Fuego , composed by Alex Papaconstantinou. After Eleni’s explosive performance on stage the country achieved its best result in Eurovision winning a 2nd place in the Grand final.

source: INFE Cyprus

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