Cyprus: Andromache selected for Eurovision 2022

Cyprus: Andromache selected for Eurovision 2022

Cyprus has internally selected Andromache Dimitropolou to represent the country at Eurovision 2022 in Italy.

According to the latest publications in the Greek and Cypriot media, Andromache is expected to be announced as the country’s representative in Turin. CyBC confirmed these reports as it announced earlier during the afternoon TV show “All in the air” that Adromache will be the representative of the country in Turin with the song with the title ”Ela”


A group of internationally recognized composers are the creators of the song “ela” that will represent Cyprus in Turin. The team is led by Alex Papaconstantinou and consists of: Arash, Eyelar Mirzazadeh, Fatjon Miftaraj, Filloreta Raci Fifi, Geraldo Sandell, George Papadopoulos, Robert Uhlmann, Viktor Svensson and Yll Limani.

In addition, the staging of the entry has been assigned to the also internationally renowned artistic directors Marvin Dietmann and Dan Shipton.

Below is the announcement of CyBC:

The music video is currently available exclusively on the Panik Records’ official website. and mobile app until Friday, March 11th . Andromache’s song “Ela” will then be released on all legal digital platforms and the music video will premiere on YouTube.

A few words for Andromache

The beautiful singer Andromachi Dimitropoulou was born in 1995 in Germany and at the age of about 10 moved to Greece with her parents.

Andromache, originally from Lechena in the prefecture of Ilia.

After finishing school, Andromache began studying German Philology in Athens while at the same time she began to sing in shops in Lechena, Amaliada and Gazi.

In 2015 she participated in The Voice Of Greece 2 while in 2017 she released her first song entitled ”The moon”.

Cyprus in Eurovision 

Cyprus has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 1981 and has not won the competition to date.

Best placing so far was in 2018 with Eleni Foureira with her song ”Fuego” which finished 2nd in the final.

In 2021 Cyprus represented by Elena Tsagrinou who sang ”El Diablo” which finished 16th place with 94 points. 

News Source/Image: CyBC

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