Cyprus: Eleni Foureira to represent Cyprus

Cyprus: Eleni Foureira to represent Cyprus

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Eleni Foureira said YES at the Cypriot Broadcater (RIK) and will travel in Lisbon this May. Alex Papaconstantinou, the composer of Cyprus’ song this year, wanted a famous and experienced singer for his song. After cancelling the whole procedure of the Cypriot National Final, RIK approached Helena Paparizou and Tamta. Both said no (despite the fact that the song which Alex composed is a super dance hit). The 3rd singer they approached was Eleni Foureira (Alex’s personal choice) and she with her company, PANIK entertainment, agreed and are ready to represent Cyprus in Lisbon.


Eleni is a famous singer in Greece and in Cyprus. She is a pop singer and a wonderful dancer. She tried in 2010 to represent Greece with Manos Pyrovolakis and their song Noah’s Ark, but they ended second in the National Final.

In 2013, Eleni collaborated with Ruslana in the Greek National Final, EuroSong 2013.

This year, Foureira was also a judge in the Greek edition of So you think you can dance.

Cyprus is aiming high this year. They now have a famous and experienced singer, a talented and experienced (in ESC conest) Composer and as everyone says, a TOP-5 song!!!!! We hope the best for Elena and Cyprus.

An Helena won for Greece. Can an Helena win for Cyprus?

Stefanos Charpantidis

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