Cyprus: Hovig releases new track ‘O Iroas Sou’ (Your Hero)

Cyprus: Hovig releases new track ‘O Iroas Sou’ (Your Hero)

The Cypriot Eurovision 2017 representative, Hovig, has dropped this week his brand new track titled “O Iroas sou” .

Hovig returns to the music scene with his brand new song titled ‘O Iroas sou’ ( Your Hero ) . In difficults times that each one out there seeks for his own heroe Hovig dedicates his new ballad song to all the people searching for their own heroes. The song has been composed by Hovig while behind the lyrics are  Giorgos and Grigoris VaxavanelisHovig and Panagiotis Brakoulias  have worked together on the song’s production and orchestration.

Hovig comments under his music video:

I dedicate this song to you who love, to you who are loved, and to you who are looking for love. I hope you love it as much as I do!

A few words about Hovig

Hovig was born in Nicosia on 3 January 1989 and is a Cypriot singer of Armenian origin. Hovig studied marketing and worked in business, but quickly gave up in order to become a singer. He learned to play the guitar and piano and also studied jazz and vocals.

In 2009, Hovig took part in the second season of The X Factor Greece and finished in the seventh place in the competition. After X factor, he returned to Cyprus opted for a solo music career. He released a number of singles including the Greek-language songs “Ksana” (Again) in 2010, “Mystika” (Secrets) in 2012 and “Ego gia mena” (Me for myself) in 2013. He also toured internationally performing in various concerts in Greece, the Middle East and Russia.


Hovig in Eurovision

Before representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2017 , Hovig had attempted to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. In 2010 with “Goodbye”, which came second in the Cypriot national final and in 2015 with “Stone in a River” which finished fourth in the national final.

In 2017 Hovig was internally selected to represent the island of Aphrodite at Eurovision in Kiev, Ukraine. Hovig performed the song “Gravity” achieving to continue the series of qualifications to the Grand final of Cyprus, where he ended 21st.

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