Cyprus: Tamta flies to Israel in order to film her Eurovision 2019 postcard

Cyprus: Tamta flies to Israel in order to film her Eurovision 2019 postcard

It was time for the he 2019 Cypriot Eurovision act, Tamta, to fly over to Israel to film her Eurovision postcard. During her visit at Tel Aviv and Eilat she was interviewed on KAN’s evening news last night.

Tamta  visited Tel Aviv and Eilat in order to film her postcard. As we already know this year’s Eurovision postcard has as a theme “Dancing Israel” aiming to showcase different spots and cultural elements of the Eurovision 2019 host country. So far some of the Eurovision 2019 contestants have already filmed their postcards, such as Miki (Spain), Bilal Hassani (France), Luca Haenni (Switzerland), Roko (Croatia), Elliot (Belgium),Joci Papai (Hungary), Oto Nemsadze (Georgia) .

You can check Tamta rehearsing for her Eurovision postcard in the tweet below:


Shani Nachshony Zintchenko hosted Tamta’s interview during which the Cypriot spoke about her song, her Eurovision postcard and the upcoming Eurovision participation.

Tamta expressed her excitement for participating in this year’s edition of Eurovision after many years “flirting” with the chance to participate. Anwering to the journalist’s question whether last year’s Cyprus’ 2nd placing brings any pressure to her, she responded that she feels no pressure and her main aim is to enjoy the whole Eurovision journey. 

Referring to her song, Replay, she speak of a pop song through which she want people to enjoy her entry. Asked of the opinions that want last year’s Cypriot entry, Fuego and Replay to be one of the same, she anwered that the melody is different in these two songs , but even there was any similarity she wouldn’t mind as Fuego is a fantastic song.

Tamta went to Eilat to film her postcard and one fo the places she visited was  Eilat’s Aquarium where she got to see the sharks!

You can wathch the whole interview in the following video:

A few words about Tamta

Tamta Goduadze is a Greek pop singer of Georgian origin. She was born in Tbilisi in 1981, where she lived until the age of 22, when she finally moved to Athens, Greece. Her involvement in music started off with her participation in the Greek reality show Super Idol in 2004, where she placed 2nd. On that show’s occasion, she released her first song To allo mou miso, a duet with her co-competitor and winner of the show, Stavros Konstantinou.

 In January 2007, Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT), announced Tamta’s participation in national final to be the Greek representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. She placed third of the three participants, and Sarbel went to the Contest.

Her latest album, Agapise Me, was released on May 16, 2007 and the first single is “Agapise Me” (Love me). More recently, she released a CD single titled “Mia Stigmi Esi Ki Ego/Ela Sto Rhythmo”.The cd include a remix of RBD Wanna Play Tamta was make RBD famous in Greece from her singles Pame Parea Rebelde and Agapw Wanna Play.Later on 2008 the RBD’s album Rebel’s was bestselling cd of the month March.It includes the Greek version a duet with Tamta. In early 2009, Tamta released the ballad “Koita Me” to radios as the first single from her upcoming album, which was released in March 2010. Among other some of her songs that met great success in Greece are Den telionei etsi i agapiKita meFotiaNiose tin kardiaGennithika gia senaIlious kai thalasses and Tag you in my sky.

Here’s Tamta’s latest single Na me paris makria (Take me away), penned by the Greek boyband Melisses and official soundtrack of Bachelor 3 movie:

Tamta and Eurovision

Tamta’s involvement in Eurovision is nothing new, as it started back in 2007, when she took part in the Greek national final with the ballad song With love. However, she didn’t fly to Helsinki that year, as she came 3rd in the show.

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