Cyprus: Tamta’s first official press conference; “Replay” to be released on March 5

Cyprus: Tamta’s first official press conference; “Replay” to be released on March 5

Last afternoon Tamta’s, the Cyprus’ representative, first official press conference took place at the Educational Office of the Cypriot Embassy in Athens, entitled “Home of Cyprus”

In late December the Cypriot broadcaster officially confirmed that Tamta will be representing the country in the 64th Eurovision SOng Contest.  Today  was the first press conference held in the Cypriot Embassy in Athens and alongsinde with the Greek-georgian artist was the General Director of the Cypriot broadcaster CyBC Michalis Maratheftis, the Cypriot Head of Delegation Evi Papamichail,  MINOS EMI CEO Margarita Matsa  and Tamta’s manager Giannis Koutsaftakis.

Through out the press conference more details on Tamta’s participation and entry were revealed to the media and fans that were present among which were Co-ordinator of INFE Greece Nikos Papadopoulos and INFE Cyprus’ board member Andreas Korypas.

Summarizing the details we got from today Tamta’s first presentation we can say:

  1. Tamta will be starting to make and record the video clip of her song next week while the official presentation of the song will take place on March 5 during the national broadcaster’s evening news. In addition the CyBC’s director said no promo tour will take place for Tamta but some surprises have been planned on the road to Tel Aviv.
  2. The broadcaster’s General director mentioned that Cyrpus will exceed manimum number of allowed people on Eurovision Stage.  Therefore we will see 5 more people alongside with Tamta, with one of them being  Kristofer Fogelmark , one of the song’s composers.
  3. Referring to her song REPLAY she said it s a clear pop sound song, modern with epic elements and romance in its lyrics. The song in combination with composer Alex Papaconstantinou, with whom she had already collaborated in the past, and the professionalism on behalf of the Cypriot broadcaster, were the main factors that urged her to say the big YES. Further on she stated that Eurovision was an experience that she always had in mind to live at some point and that time has arrived now.
  4. She didn’t know how popular she was among the Eurovision fans but after thinking of her past attempts in 2007 and 2015 to represent Greece in the contest she can understand why her name is already something familiar to Eurovision fans that follow all aspects of the contest. 
  5. She expressed her love to Georgia as a country and to its people outlining that she has only good memories and words to say for them. Her presence on the x-factor show as a judge was an opportunity to meet wonderful people in all levels. She would consider it an honor and touching development if she got 12 points from Georgia at the contest.

Life is strange. I was a judge in the X -factor show for three seasons and a lot of acts that i judged back then in the show are contestants in the Georgian Idon this year and potential Eurovision competitors. Life plays sometimes surprising and stranges games. But all this is very nice anyway. she stated

       6. Asked if comparing her with last year’s Foureira’s success brings her down and bothers her she anwered:

I can understand why the comparison is there. Eleni was fantastic last year and brought a maginificent result. However each artist has its own personality and song to bring on stage. That’s what i want to do, bring on stage my own personality, my own story and enjoy the whole Eurovision journey . It’s something i wanted to do many years now and i want to enjoy it  all the way through.

Followiing are some photos of todays press conference:

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