Cyprus: The Teaser of Gravity

Cyprus: The Teaser of Gravity

The video clip, of the Cypriot entry for 2017, will be premiered in Europe this Wednesday the 1st of March. The video clip was shooted in RIK’s studio 3 and it was directed by Avraam Aimilios, cinematography belongs to Sofroniou Sofroni, costumes belong to Panagiotou Nopi and Savvas Harris was the art director. In the video clip appart from Hovig, the dancer Michail Natalia takes part in. Composer of the song is the Swedish Thomas G:Son. 

The song will premiere on the  1st of March on RIK’s news broadcast at 20:00. After that, the Video clip will be on Youtube, and in all social media of EBU.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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