Cyrpus: Listen to the official audio teaser of “Replay”

Cyrpus: Listen to the official audio teaser of “Replay”

As a few hours before the song that Tamta will be performing at Eurovision 2019 representing Cyrpus, Replay, leaked on the web.  The Cypriot broadcaster after its first reaction , went further on releasing a teaser of the final version of the song 

CyBC’s first announcement

The Cypriot broadcaster has confirmed the fact but however has stated tha it is only the initial demo of the song’s in the  first steps when the broadcaster was seeking for its next Eurovision representative. The CyBC’s announcement has as following:


Going further from its first announcement the Cypriot broadcaster in order to outline the fact that the demo version that leaked earlier today has not much to do with the final version of the song, released part of the song in its final version that we will see in Tel Aviv.The teaser of the song was releaed through Tamta’s official Youtube channel.

Have a small taste of what Tamta will be presenting to us in Tel Aviv  by the 40 sec teaser of “Replay  officially released on Tamta’s Youtube channel:

What do you think of Tamta’ s Eurovision 2019 entry judging by the teaser?


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