Cyprus: Two more big names in the composers’ team for its Eurovision 2019 entry

Cyprus: Two more big names in the composers’ team for its Eurovision 2019 entry

The Cypriot national broadcaster has decided this year to unveil progressively the details concerning its Eurovision 2019 entry, through quizzes on its official facebook account. Today CyBC gave a second hint of the composers’ team behind its Eurovision entry.

Just yesterday the CyBC made it more obvious through its first quiz about Jennifer Lopez’s hit “On the floor” that Alex Papaconstantinou and Teddy Sky will be the composers of the Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2019. Today the Cypriot broadcaster went further on with its second quiz asking what kind of connection is there between the song High On Life by the Dutch Dj/composer  Martin Garrix and performer Bonn and the Eurovision 2019 entry.


The production team that is behind that song includes apart from Martin and Giorgio Tuinfort, the Swedish composer Albin Nedler and Kristoffer “Bonn” Fogelmark. The big names that Ale P seems to have in his team are that of Albin Nedler and Bonn. The two of them have collaborated in the past with Alex P and his partner Viktor Svensson.

More notable the fact that the two of them worked together with Alex Tamta’s hit Unloved. Further more, Albin Nedler and Kristofer Fogelmark are behind great hits of worldwide known artists such as Avicii, DNCE, Demi Lovato, One Direction, Rod Stuart, Martin Garixx, and more.

The same time the rumors that Tamta is a step away from saying the big yes to the Cypriot broadcaster. According to the local Showtimecy.blogspot report the artist has already had a taste of the song by listening to the demo and was really excited by what she heard. The same mentions that the talks between the Cypriot broadcaster and her record label of MINOS EMI are in progress and if everything goes well maybe we will have a final agreement by the middle of the month. On the other hand if don’t work out for the Cypriot broadcaster the names of the male artists Nikos Ganos and Vaggelis Kakouriotis remain on the table, since Alex P’s song can me easily performed by a male act too.

Until we find out where all this story will lead to that remember Tamta’s hit Unloved which was one of the music meeting points for Alex P with Albin Nedler and Kristofer Fogelmark:

Would you like to see Tamta represent Cyprus in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv , next May?

Angelo D.

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