The first two international jury votings for the country’s national final ESCZ 2019 have been revealed as Cesar Sampson and Rasmussen cast their top votes.


The sets of 12 points by the International jury for the country’s national final are been revealed this week, as the 10 jurors cast their votes by awarding their 12 points to the national final candidates. Daily (apart from Saturday) at  18:00 CET  and at  20:00 CET the jury votes will be progressively unveiled until January 28, when the final winner will be announced. 

Cesar Sampson’s Votes

The first set of 12 points was awarded by  Cesar Sampson who represented Austria in Eurovision  “Nobody But You” which camed 3rd in the final. Ο Cesar gave his  12 points to Barbora Mochowa and her song “True Colors”.

Rasmussen’s Votes

Following Cezar’s first set of points Rasmussen , the Danish representative in Lisbon with his song “Higher Ground” which came 9th in the final, cast his top points.  Rasmussen awarded Barbora Mochowa and “True Colors” with its second set of 12 points.


After two sets of votes the results so far have developed as following:

This evening another two jury votings will be revealed.