Czech Republic 2018: First technical rehearsal for Mikolas Josef

Czech Republic 2018: First technical rehearsal for Mikolas Josef

After a small break at the Altice Arena, Mikolas Josef was next to rehearse. Mikolas, this year’s Czech representative, was chosen among 5 other candidates, winning both the Czech audience and the international jury.

The song with which Mikolas competes is entitled  « Lie to Me ». After last year’s fail in the contest, this year,the expectations are great and the climate is very positive as the participation is much loved by the fans and is a candidate for the top.

Mikolas, smiling as he did at the Pre-Parties, where he appeared and full of energy, climbed the scene of the Altice Arena.On the stage we see bright boxes showing the music video of the song. While the rehearsal began with the music, it suddenly stopped, as Mikolas did not feel ready.


This time the rehearsal started normally. The purple and blue elements dominate the scene. He also has his backpack, which he wears a little later. It is accompanied by 2 break dancers who also hold a trumpet. The first rehearsal technique has disappointed for the time being.

Watch below a small part of the rehearsal:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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