Czech Republic 2018: Second Rehearsal for Mikolas

Czech Republic 2018: Second Rehearsal for Mikolas

Next on stage for his second rehearsal is Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic. Mikolas is present after his severe injury during his first rehearsal.  All the previous days EBU and the Czech Republic’s embassy were on the artists’ side in order all necessary examinations to take place and to decide whether the artist will be in position to compete normally on the 8th of May.

As he stated himself yesterday , he would be present for today’s second rehearsal so that the necessary adjustments and changes will be done at the choreography. It is really impressive how his entry remains high in the bookies betting odds board.

The artist get on stage with a casual look and his backpack that he never leaves without. The rehearsal was interrupted as he felt pain on his back.  Two lighten up boxes appear on stage while one of yesterday’s dancers is replaced by a female one.  The dominating colors are blue and purple.

The artist can make really big moves due to his injury which makes the whole staging less dynamic and he sings in a lower tone. The first run was rather disappointing but the second one was better with improved flexibility in his moves.

Take a look at Mikolas’ second rehearsal:

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