Czech Republic: Full results of the Czech National Final

Czech Republic: Full results of the Czech National Final

Just a few moments ago, the analytical results of the National final, organized by the Czech public television for Eurovision 2018 were announced. The winner, as we all know that will represent the country in Lisbon, is Mikolas Josef with his song Lie To Me, who won both the vote of the judges and the televoting. The victory of Mikolas Josef in the vote of the ten international judges was already known, but today we learned that the young artist also won televoting. However, as you will see below in the analytical results, the audience and judges did not agree with the rest of the ranking:

Artist Song Songwriter(s) Jury Televote Total Place
Total Points
Mikolas Josef «Lie to Me» Mikolas Josef 68 8 8 16 1
Debbi «High on Love» Ellie Wyatt, Jon Hällgren, Mahan Moin, DWB 54 6 3 9 2
Pavel Callta «Never Forget» Pavel Callta 34 4 4 8 3
Eva Burešová «Fly» Václav Noid Bárta, David Vostrý 27 2 6 8 3
Doctor Victor «Stand Up» Doctor Victor 30 3 1 4 5
Eddie Stoilow «We Rule This World» Jan Žampa, Jan Martínek 27 2 2 4 5

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