Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Lie To Me”

Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Lie To Me”

A final version of the song that will represent the Czech Republic at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest was released today via the Eurovision channel on YouTube.

On 29 January Czech national broadcaster, ČT, announced that 22-year-old Mikolas Josef, with the song “Lie To Me”, will represent the country in Lisbon and since then he has become one of the fans’ favorite and is still in the top five of the bets.

The official version which Mikolas will perform  on the Eurovision stage, does not include some expressions that EBU said were unsuitable to be presented, such as the infamous line “Plenty motherf******s wanna eat my spaghetti” is now “Plenty of these greedies wanna eat my spaghetti”while the video clip remains the same.The lyrics are  now slightly cleaner, but it’s only the profanity that has  been cleaned up while the video clip remains the same.

This is the new version of Mikolas’s entry:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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