Czech Republic: National broadcaster receives 300 entries for ESCZ 2019

Czech Republic: National broadcaster receives 300 entries for ESCZ 2019

As the submission window for songs for the Czech Republic’s national selection has closed , the broadcaster announced that it has received a total of 300 songs.

Last week the national broadcastcr confirmed that it will determine the country’s Eurovsion 2019 entry through a national selection process, ESCZ 2019. As the deadline for submissions expired on October 31 , the broadcaster revealed through its official Facebook accountthat is has received a total of 300 entries among which 60 came from Czech musicians.

So far we knew that a total of six songs will compete in the national final, however in the same post the broadcaster asks followers if they would prefer to see 8 entries compete in the national final of  ESCZ 2019 instead of six.. For that reason there is an open poll on the Facebook page where all visitors can cast their vote in the issue. 

The story so far in Eurovision

Czech Republic appeared for the first time in the Contest in 2007 with  Kabat. A a row of disappointing results the country withdrew in 2010 and didn’t return until 2015. In 2016 the country achieved a grand final qualification for the first time . The best result came for the country in this year’s edition with  Mikolas Josef who achieved a 6th placing in the Lisbon with his song  Lie to me.

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