Czech Republic: The International jury’s 5th and 6th set of 12 points are in

Czech Republic: The International jury’s 5th and 6th set of 12 points are in

Following the first four members ( Cesar Sampson and RasmussenIra Losco and ZiBBz) of  the international jury for the country’s national final ESCZ 2019, it was time for AWS and Elina Nechayeva to cast their votes as members of the Internationl jury. 


The sets of 12 points by the International jury for the country’s national final are been revealed this week, as the 10 jurors cast their votes by awarding their 12 points to the national final candidates. Daily (apart from Saturday) at  18:00 CET  and at  20:00 CET the jury votes will be progressively unveiled until January 28, when the final winner will be announced. 

AWS’s votes

The 5th member of the jury to reveal its votes is the group AWS, Hungary’s ESC repesentative in Eurovision 2018  with the song  “Viszlát Nyár”.  AWS  gave their 12 points to  Andrea Holá και το τραγούδι του “Give Me A Hint”

Elina Nechayeva’s Votes

The sixth juror to reveal its votes is Elina Nechayeva  from Estonia, which she represented in Eurovision 2018  with her entry “La Forza”. Elina awarded her 12 points to Lake Malawi and the song “Friend of a Friend”.


After six jury votings Barbora Mochowa is still in the lead and the overall result of the international jury vote has developed as following:

Tomorrow two more members from the international jury will unveil their votes.

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