Czech Republic’s second rehearsal

Czech Republic’s second rehearsal

It probably does not have the most contemporary of sounds; indeed, it reminds me of some of Meatloaf’s power ballads of the 90’s – not necessarily a bad thing of course. Both due to the song’s characteristic dark tone and the performers’ imposing visual style, I still feel during this second round of rehearsals that there are possibilities that are left unexplored in regards to the presentation. It looks simple but quite elegant to start with but there is something missing. When, in particular, the song reaches its crescendo right before the last chorus, Marta taking off her shoes looks a bit underwhelming – as well as a bit messy – for a gimmick. During the later runs, the shoes are thrown towards the camera and that works a bit better actually. The two singers, not a couple in real life, look very comfortable with each other on stage. Both singers have exceptional voices and I hope that their physicality will not stand in the way of their vocal ability being recognized. Having said that, Václav’s last note sounds a bit strained time after time this afternoon.

Angelo D.

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