Denmark 2017: 10 Finalists for DANSK MELODI GRAND PRIX 2017

Denmark 2017: 10 Finalists for DANSK MELODI GRAND PRIX 2017

The acts that will take part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 were revealed at a press conference today. A total 10 singers, will be competing in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 for the honor of representing Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv.
The participating entries are:

  1. Song no 1: ‘One’
    Participant: Ida Una
    Songwriters: Peter Bjørnskov og Lene Dissing
  2. Song no 2: ‘Vesterbro’
    Participant: Thomas Ring
    Songwriters: Thomas Ring
  3. Song no 3: ‘Color My World’
    Participant: Rikke Skytte
    Songwriters: Mads Løkkegaard, Joël Pagiël MacDonald, Mohamed Alitou og Laura Kloos
  4. Song no 4: ‘Where I Am’
    Participant: Anja Nissen
    Songwriters: Anja Nissen, Angel Tupai og Michael D’Arcy
  5. Song no 5: ‘Big Little Lies’
    Participant: Calling Mercury
    Songwriters: Thomas Sardorf, Rune Braager og Martin Luke Brown
  6. Song no 6: ‘Smoke In My Eyes’
    Participant: Anthony
    Songwriters: Kim Nowak-Zorde, Kasper Larsen, Hans Petersen, Ollie Marland og Phil Plested
  7. Song no 7: ‘Warriors’
    Participant: René Machon
    Songwriters: Astrid Cordes, Alexander Grandjean, Hans Petersen og Lars Andersen
  8. Song no 8: ‘Northern Lights’
    Participant: Sada Vidoo
    Songwriters: Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Öhrn og Alessandra Günthardt
  9. Song no 9: ‘Hurricane’
    Participant: Jeanette Bonde
    Songwriters: Jeanette Bonde, Alexander Grandjean, Jeppe Pilgaard Ulrichsen og Nermin Harambasic
  10. Song no: ‘A.S.A.P.’
    Participant: Johanna Beijbom
    Songwriters: Peter Wallevik, Daniel Heløy Davidsen, Patrick Devine, Dimitri Stassos og Freja Jonsson Blomberg

For 2017 Denmark will only have one huge show taking place on Saturday 25th February at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, hosted by Annette Heick and Johannes Nymark. The “superfans” juries and televotes will decide who gets the ticket to Kyiv.

Also on the list we see some names that have retry to represent the country at Eurovision, the Anja Nissen who finished in second place in the national final last year.



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