Denmark: Anti Social Media going to Vienna!

Denmark: Anti Social Media going to Vienna!

Another Melodi Grand Prix (2015) came to its end granting  Anti Social Media the ticket to Austria in May to sing for Denmark in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

After the performances of 10 acts in  the Gigantium in Aalborg were over   the voting time to determine the winner came. The juries announced their decision and the hosts elaborated on how the Danish viewers distributed their points.

The vote of the jury brought a first place for Anti Social Media, second for Cecile Alexandra and a third place for Anne Gadegaard.

On the contrary, the  public vote  put  Anne Gadegaard  first on the top3 followed by Anti Social Media’s second place and  and Julie Bjerre’s  third place.

Therefire  the combination of jury and public voting , declared  Anti Social Media as the winner of the Grand Prix 2015 and gave them the golden ticket to Vienna to represent Denmark in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest with their song The way you are

Angelo D.

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