Denmark: DR confirms Eurovision 2021 participation and DMGP 2021 edition

Denmark: DR confirms Eurovision 2021 participation and DMGP 2021 edition

The Danish national broadcaster, DR, has confirmed that Denmark will be using the DMGP format in order to determine the country’s Eurovision 2021 representative. Therefore  Ben & Tan will not be selected internally to return in the next competition. 

Demark is joining the list of nations that will be holding a new national final in order to determine their Eurovision 2021 entry. DR confirmed that it will stick wth its traditional national selection format , DMGP  and further more already decided that Ben & Tan will not automaticallyhave a secured place in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021

DR’s entertainment editor Jan Lagermand Lundme says:

Only after the corona crisis is over do we start to look at what the Danish Melody Grand Prix will look like next year. But, as mentioned, we choose to see the EBU show as the end of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix and will start on a fresh one from next year.

And concludes by saying:

I understand well if it’s been a mixed game for Ben & Tan and the people behind ‘Yes’. I’m glad that with the EBU’s great Eurovision program, we bring the song to life throughout Europe and get Ben & Tan out to viewers and fans across Europe.

And although Ben & Tan are welcome to line up in the Danish Melody Grand Prix 2021 with a new number, you should probably not expect to see the winning duo return to the competition as Tan has stated the following:

I feel we would take the place from some others. After all, we have tried to be part of the show. It must be someone else’s trip next year. That is most fair, says Tanne Balcells

And continues:

And you can run the risk of losing again and then lose, and that’s what people remember. So we would rather leave it to victory and then otherwise focus on our music.

The Eurovision show “Europe Shine a light” 

DR 1 will broadcast the special Eurovision show Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on Saturday 16 May. According to its entertainemt editor Jan Lagermand Lundme : 

I am so glad that the people behind Eurovision have piled this program on their feet, now that the normal Eurovision is canceled due to corona. During this time, something needs to be gathered around Europe as well. 

And goes on saying:

Now we get both good memories from the history of the Eurovision season as well as sent Ben & Tan and their amazing song to the whole of Europe. The last thing I am particularly happy about: It is really great that the song reaches out to so many viewers and fans and gets a life there.

The Danish Eurovision Story So Far

Denmark made it first appearance in the Eurovision family in 1957 and has been crowned winner three times: In 1963 with Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann and the song Dansevise,  in 2000 with Olsen Brothers  and their entry  Fly on the wings of love and  in 2013 with Emmelie de Forest and her song Only teardrops. The country apart from hosting the Contest each year after its victories , has hosted the special show tribute to the 50th Eurovision anniversary in 2005.

In 2018 Denmark was represent by Rasmussen who with Higher ground, finished in the 9th place of the Grand Final. This year Leonora defended the Danish colors at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with Love is forever, finishing 12th in the Grand Final.


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