Denmark: Everyone said YES to Rasmussen

Denmark: Everyone said YES to Rasmussen

On the 10th of February in Aalborg, Denmark, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 was held, the winner of which will represent Denmark in Lisbon in May. As we already know, the winner of the night was Rasmussen with the song of Higher Ground.

Although the Danish Viking was the winner, until yesterday we did not know the analytical results of DMGP. From the beginning Rasmussen was the big favorite to win the night, but his victory was ultimate. Jury and televoters decided that in Lisbon the flag of the country will be on Rasmussen’s hands. At DMGP’s superfinal, he had an easy job of gathering 50% of the audience and committee votes. It is also noteworthy that in the jury’s vote he had no problem (60% against Anna’s 26.6%), while in the public’s voting he he came first again (40.2% vs. 36%).

Superfinal – 10 February 2018
Draw Artist Song Jury Vote[7] Public Vote[8] Percent Place
2 Anna Ritsmar “Starlight” 26.6% 36% 31% 2
3 Rasmussen “Higher Ground” 60% 40.2% 50% 1
10 Albin Fredy “Music for the Road” 13.4% 23.8% 19% 3

Denmark will take part in the 2nd semi final on the 10th of May and will appear at the first half of the show.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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