Denmark’s First Rehearsal.

Denmark’s First Rehearsal.

Denmark after two years in a row out of the final, is hoping this year for the big return. For this purpose the country has put its hope on Danish-Australian Anja Nissen, who won the national final with a large margin, singing Where I am. Before this year’s attempt she had tried last year, too to win the national final with the song Never Alone composed by Emmelie de Forest but eventually, due to allegations that her song was performed many times on her concerts, she didn’t manage to get the golden ticket.

Before getting on stage for her rehearsal she stated: “Eurovision is for a me a dream come true. It’s crazy to see so many countries together”

The scenes from the rehearsal are almost similar to those of the national final. Th gold rain falling surely stands out and is an element that existed and in Emmelie De Forest’s performance, with the fireworks as well. The back round starts with a combination of purple and blue color, to turn afterwards gold.


Vocally at the beginning she seem unstable but as she delivered the song she started giving 100% of her vocal range, making many wonder why doesn’t she keep strength for the next demanding days. This time she has backing vocalists, something missing in the national final performance.

At the end of her performance she falls on her knees, reminding us of Anna Vissi doing the same in 2006 and giving to her performance a more dramatic tone. The artist is dressed casually, leaving apparently her final dress for the dress rehearsals.


You can have a look at Anja’s video of first rehearsal :


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