EBU: All Russian members of governance groups suspended

EBU: All Russian members of governance groups suspended

The EBU has expelled from all  its governance groups all the Russian members.

Following last Saturday’s statement by the EBU that expelled Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 due to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, European Broadcasting Union today issued a new statement expelling all Russian members from the governance groups.

Specifically, the EBU issued the following statement:

“The EBU Executive Board, in light of ongoing events in Ukraine, has decided to suspend representatives from its three Russian Members (RTR, Channel One and RDO) from serving in its governance groups, including the Executive Board and all Statutory Committees. This follows the decision taken last week to exclude Russia from the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

In taking this action, the Executive Board took note of the public statement issued by the three Member organizations on 26 February announcing their intention to withdraw from the EBU. A decision taken as a direct result of Russia’s exclusion from the Song Contest. The Members have verbally confirmed to us their intent to leave and we are awaiting their formal confirmation.

The suspension will remain in effect until further notice has been given by the Executive Board.”

The story so far

The Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the use of force by Russia provoked a series of objections and threats of withdrawal from a large number of participating national broadcasters, the EBU decided to expel Russia from Eurovision 2022.

In particular, the following broadcasters openly requested the suspension of Russia from the competition with some of them ready to withdraw if Russia participated: UA: PBC (Ukraine), NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland), DR (Denmark) , SVT (Sweden), LRT (Lithuania), AVROTROS (Netherlands), ERR (Estonia), RUV (Iceland).

Answering back to that decision, all-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), Channel One and the Ostankino radio house have announced their withdrawal from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

Following reports that Russian broadcasters had decided to leave the EBU, European Broadcasting Union issued a statement saying they had not received any official documents regarding their departure.

Channel One has been part of the EBU since 1995, VGTRK since 1993 and Radio Dom Ostankino since 1996. Leaving the organization means they will no longer be able to compete in the Eurovision Event Family or have access to sporting events. , news and music programming material.

News Source/Image:  EBU

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