EBU membership rules remain the same

EBU membership rules remain the same

As we had informed you just some days ago  the European Broadcasting Union  intended to pass new membership rules this week at its General Assembly. EBU members eventually voted, against changing the criteria for membership of the European Broadcasting Union.

The European Broadcasting Union saw a vote that would have been changing the membership rules, according which the members of the organization would not have to be   part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The secret vote was called by Cyprus, Greece, Serbia and Spain. The final results ruled out any changes as 400 members voted for the change, 673 against and a further 133 abstained.

Kosovo’s case 

After this development , the Kosovan broadcaster, RTK,  cannot fulfill EBU’s conditions for membership, leaving the region out of the next edition of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Kosovo is not a recognised state according to United  Nations, therefore cannot become member of  the International Telecommunication Union, which is a crucial condition for EBU membership. Kosovo can participate only if it is invited as by the EBU and the contests Steering Group. Such development took place  in Eurovision Young Dancers 2011 in Oslo, Norway, when the nation was invited to take part at this EBU event.

Source: escXtra

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