EBU: No decision yet regarding this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

EBU: No decision yet regarding this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

While the globe is facing shocking consequences by the coronavirus outbreak which is bringing a general lockdown in more and more countries, the EBU, depsite the ongoing rumors of a Eurovision cancellation, released a statement that no decision has been yet taken. 

As the coronavirus spread is causing a domino of drastic measures and restrictions by the goverments and major artistic and athletic events are cancelled or postponed, the EBU informed today that still no decision has been made about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

 Earlier today, the reference group had a meeting to discuss about this year’s contest and the new reality the coronivrus outbreak has brought. Following that meeting the EBU released the following update:

Four Days before EBU has released a statement denying that has been a decision of cancellation by saying that all preparations for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest are still underway. Meanwhile since then in The Netherlands the goverment has forbidden gatherings of more than 100 people until April 6. All these restictions left no option to all the pre parties’s organisers bringing on the cancellation of the Pre party in Madrid, Israel Calling, Eurovision in Concets and the London Eurovision Party.

With backing scenarios being reported in case the EBU and the Dutch broadcasters can’t go on with this year’s contest, we will have to wait for EBU’s further information to find out where things are eventually heading to.

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