EBU to pass new membership rules at the General Assembly in Oslo

EBU to pass new membership rules at the General Assembly in Oslo

The European Broadcasting Union has revealed that it intends to pass new membership rules this week at its General Assembly.

The EBU has confirmed to the media outlet of escXtra that it will hold a vote on new membership rules during this week’s General Assembly in Oslo, Norway. Although the  EBU has specified the exact new conditions for membership, it is expected to change the number of votes required for a broadcaster to become a member of the organisation.

Under this new development, the broadcasters that have already applied for membership will have to reapply complying with the new rules.  Therefore Kosovo’s  broadcaster RTK, should submit a new application under the new rules, which means that the voting on its membership will go for next December 2019.

Broadcasters that have so far expressed interest in joining the EBU family are:

  • From Kosovo – RTK

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Full members of the European Broadcasting Union has the right to participate in  the Eurovision and the  Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Associate members of the EBU such as RTK, Khabar Agency and SBS may only participate in events if they receive an approved invitation from the Steering Group of the respective contest. That how Australia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest the recent years and the Khabar Agency from Kazakhstan in Junior Eurovision 2018.

Source: escXtra

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