EBU: “We are not interested in the comments and wishes of Israeli ministers”

EBU: “We are not interested in the comments and wishes of Israeli ministers”

Israel’s largest and oldest newspaper, Haaretz, says today that EBU has told Israel’s public broadcaster  that neither the city nor the dates have yet been confirmed for Eurovision 2019. In addition, according to the same newspaper,EBU highlights the Israeli ministers who have rushed to politically exploiting the fact that this is against the philosophy of the competition and that the wishes and comments of domestic politics are off EBU’s interest in any case.

The turmoil stemming from EBU’s announcement in all its social media and urging fans who intend to travel to the next Eurovision song contest, not to hurry and book their tickets before official announcements, has not yet broken.

Haaretz states today that EBU is worried about the politicization, but also the division that has been sparked by declarations by various Israeli politicians who apparently did not agree and before there was any agreement between the Israeli (KAN) and EBU, both pre-paid for the city and Eurovision dates 2019 (Jerusalem, 21-23-25 / 5).

In particular, EBU made it clear to KAN that the statements of Miri Regev and Ayoub Kara, both members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Israel, who said they would participate in the next competition’s production which will take place on 21, 23 and 25 May 2019 in Jerusalem.

It seems that the beginning for  EBU and KAN is not the best and all this story will be going on. We are looking forward to the official announcements on the venue and dates of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, but these are not expected to be soon.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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