Eleni Foureira releases her new hit “Tomame” while “Fuego” goes Gold in Sweden and Norway

Eleni Foureira releases her new hit “Tomame” while “Fuego” goes Gold in Sweden and Norway

Eleni Foureia the new Queen of pop seems unstoppable, coming forward with her new hit Tomame while the same time her Eurovision 2018 entry Fuego strikes another gold this time in Sweden and Norway.

Today Eleni Foureira’s new single “Tomame went public. Her new single features a reggaeton rythm while its lyrics are in English and Spanish. Composer of the new hit once more,  Alex Papaconstantinou ,  making real their second collaboration after Fuego, the Cyrpriot Eurovision 2018 entry.

The new song is released under the lebel of  Panik Records and will the same time be promoted by  Sony Music (International). This will be the second hit that will go global after Fuego’s magnificant success in the charts and streams oll over Europe. 

During the summer apart from her ongoing tour in every part of the European continent , she released another hit Caramela , which was the soundtrack of the film “Aegean SOS” which already has reached more than 8 million views on Youtube. The same time the explosive Greek act is taking Europe by storm appearing from one concert to another and Tv shows with great success. In the near future we will see her as member of the jury in the talent show LaBanda, alongside with Theodori Marantini and Michai Kouineli in a quest of the top boyband in Greece.

Apart from the official video clip on Youtube, the new hit is availiable on Spotify :

Fuego goes gold in Sweden and Norway

While the Greek godess continues her rally of successful hits and apperance , another gold medal comes to confirm that this girl is going to continue putting on fire the European continent. After all her sold out shows and the Platinum record in Spain, it was time for the Scandinavic countries to award her with a gold medal , as Fuego went gold in Sweden and Norway.

The Greek act full apo happiness for her new success thanked her fans in both countries. Of course credits go to Alex Papaconstantinou, who is well known in Sweden where he lives, and had trusted his song to Eleni boosting it to the top.

All this started from in May at Lisbon where Eleni representing Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, brought the coutry’s best result ever by achieving a 2nd placing in the grand final.

Stay tuned on the INFE Network for more news on Eleni’s Foureira’s rally of success. How do you find Eleni’s  new single? Will it meet the same success as Fuego?

Angelo D.

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