Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” goes gold in Spain

Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” goes gold in Spain

The typhoon Eleni Foureira has been making landfall all over Europe and does not mean to go down. Eleni who represented Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her song Fuego might have ended in the 2nd place in Lisbon but according to ESCXtra , has gone golden in Spain. 

Her song  Fuego is still placed high in the Spanish charts according to the country’s official sales indicator El portal de Música. The sales are so high that have turned her song GOLD !

We remind you that the wide acceptance of Eleni and her song in Spain was expressed initially through the 12 points that the country awarded Cyprus in Lisbon but was reinforced with the release of Fuego in Spanish by Panik Records and Eleni’s presence in the country in many occasions lately.

In the middle of the her sold-out European tour and after her new hit “Caramela” was released , the Greek Queen of Pop made a stop in Madrid and paid a visit to the local offices of Sony Music International, who have been collaborating with Panik Records for the promotion of Fuego globally, in order to receive her “golden” award.

Expressing her happiness through her personal Instagram account , the Greek artist has found herself twice in Barcelona and three times in Madrid performing on stage live and bringing up enthusiasm to the local fans , while planning to appear the following days in Ibiza too.

This new achievement comes to join the international success of conquering the digital charts all over Europe, as Fuego has already reached on Spotify the record number of approximately 25.000.000 streams, way above all other Eurovision 2018 entries. Additionally the song is sighted in the Top 50 chart in 37 countries, while its official YouTube videos have all together received more than 53 million views .

The international marketing manager of SME Spain, Ferran Coto, with Eleni Foureira, the CEO of Panik Entertainment Group, Giorgo Aresenako and the international product manager of SME Spain, Sara Zamorano.

Eleni with the whole team of Sony Music Entertainment Spain.

We remind you that this fantastic journey for Eleni Foureira started after being selected to represent Cyprus, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with the song Fuego composed by Alex Papaconstantinou. Her dynamic performance on stage combined with her open and genuine personality draw quickly Europe’s attention from her first rehearsals in Lisbon. It was a matter of time for her to top even the betting odds as heading to the final week of live shows. Eleni Foureira eventually ended up in 2nd place in the Grand final but it seems that we are going to be hearing a lot of her in the future.

That’s remember her powerful Grand Final performance in Lisbon last May:

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