English lyrics for Belgium in Lisbon 2018!

English lyrics for Belgium in Lisbon 2018!

Last week, the Flemish broadcasting network VRT revealed that Belgian representative for the upcoming Eurovision in Lisbon will be Laura Groeseneken, known with her artistic name “SENNEK”. She has been chosen with an internal procedure and it is one of the few times that we know the country’s representative so early.

In an interview for VRT, Laura revealed some things about how she imagines herself in the contest and some details that she would like for the song she is about to write. In some questions from the reporters, she replied:

In the  upcoming months I want to work hard to find the right song. I would like to write it myself and probably it will be a ballad. Everything is possible but I want a song that i will fall in love with it”.

Regarding her presence on the stage and how she will perform her song she said:

“Maybe I keep the name SENNEK but it will depend on the song. We might think of another name in the near future. But what I know for sure is that my song will be in English as my voice does not sound very nice in German”.

Finally, she mentioned that  her most recent favorite song is Jamala’s 1944, and she has also made cover for this year’s winning song Amar Pelos Dois in English.

Below you can see Jaura singing it in the English version Love for Both:

Belgium is one of the first seven countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956. It only records one victory in 1986 with Sandra Kim and J’aime la vie, and has achieved five last places at the scoreboard, two of them with zero points. Since 2000 Belgium did not have many good results, something that started to change gradually from 2010 and then, as most of the times these last years Belgium is in the Final scoring very high positions.

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