Estonia 2018: Elina’s dress will travel to Lisbon

Estonia 2018: Elina’s dress will travel to Lisbon

As we were informed in a previous article, this year’s Estonian representative Elina Nechayeva and her group have been in a “desperate state” lately, because they could not find “sources” for the amount of 65,000 euros needed to be able to perform the impressive stage show we watched on Eesti Laul 2018.

This amount was required to rent three powerful projectors, who would draw the lights on Elina’s dress.

In the end, everything went astray, as the Estonian head of delegation, Mart Normet, after discussions with Estonian TV and the private sector, managed to find the money for Elina’s stage show.

These sponsors are: Saku Suurhall (the stadium where the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest and Eesti Laul took place ), Carglass, Estravel, and clothing brand River Island.

After the pleasant news Elina herself said:

“I am very grateful to all the sponsors for their help, to the Estonian team who worked so hard to do that and to all the fans out there who sent me support messages. I can not wait to go out there and make you all proud.”

Elina Nechayeva is now ready for the Altice Arena, where she will  amazonce again by her dynamic voice and her impressive presence.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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