Estonia 2018: Elina’s second rehearsal

Estonia 2018: Elina’s second rehearsal

Second rehearsal for Estonia and its representative Elina Nechayeva, which was struck in the past, as is known for her effort to fund her staging.


In the first rehearsal we watched that it was impeccable and better than the national final presentation. The same happened today. She seems to be ready for the final.


Today, her staging had been improved a lot with better lighting and more reposeful Impressive setting and interpretation of “La Forza”.Elina’s vocals remain one of the strongest in the contest, being able to replicate her impressive operatic range in every take.


Although,the projections on the dress may not really match the lyrics or the story of the song,there are some good camera angles that show off the projections and scale of the performance.


Take a look at Estonia’s second rehearsal :

Fotis Kourouvanis

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