Estonia claims to be “Amazing”

Estonia claims to be “Amazing”

ETV held its traditional Eesti Laul (Estonian National final) yesterday, after two qualifying rounds. The event took place in the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallin and was hosted by Marko Reikop and Henrik Kalmet. Singer Tanja with the song “Amazing” was chosen by tele voting to represent the baltic country at the forthcoming Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen.

There were ten songs in competition:

Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar
Traffic – Für Elise
Norman Salumäe – Search
Wilhelm – Resignal
Lenna – Supernoova
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe-Maybe
Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad
Kõrsikud – Tule Ja Jää
Tanja – Amazing
Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad

A mix of jury + televoting decided the two superfinalists, Tanja and Super Hot Cosmo. The jury included former Eurovision stars such as Ott Lepland and Getter Jaani

The winning song, “Amazing” is a pop-dance act with an impressive staging and choreography.

Tatjana Mihhailova is 30 years old and was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, but she has been living in Estonia since she was very young. As a pop singer and actress she has been involved in several musicals and she has taken part in some song contests in Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

This is Tanja’s song for Copenhagen!

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