Estonia: First set of Eesti Laul 2021 semi final contestants revealed

Estonia: First set of Eesti Laul 2021 semi final contestants revealed

The Estonian national broadcaster, EER,  has revealed the first set of the Eesti Laul 2021 particiapants that will be battling for the right to represent the nation at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. 

Eesti Laul 2021 preparations are in full swing by EER as the country seeks for its next Eurovision representative. Today durig the Tv show “Ringvaate” the national broadcaster shed light on the first set of  semi finalists of the country’s national selection for Eurovision 2021.

The first set of acts that will teke part in the semi finals are: 

  1. Uku Suviste – The Lucky One
  2. Gram of Fun – Lost In A Dance
  3. Tuuli Rand – Üks Öö
  4. Jüri Pootsman – Magnus Melanhoolia
  5. Redel – Tartu
  6. Kéa – Hypnotized
  7. Hans Nayna – One By One
  8. Nika Marula – Calm Down
  9. Andrei Zavakin & Pluuto – Wingman
  10. Wiiralt – Tuuled
  11. Helen – Nii Korgele
  12. Koit Toome – We Could Have Been Beautiful

Among these first participating acts the  names that stand out are the former Eurovision representatives  Koit Tome ( 1998, 2017) and Juri Pootsman (2016). Additionally the winner of Eesti Laul 2020 and ESC 2020 representative  Uku Suviste marks a back to back partiticpation offered a wildcard for the semi finals of the next Eesti Laul after this year’s unprecedent cancellation of the Eurovision song contest. 

The next set of semifinalists will be revealed tomorrow November 12, 2020. 

Essti Laul 2021 will unfold over three nights, with two semi finals and a grand final show to take place, all of them in the capital city of Tallinn.

The Eurovision Story so Far 

Estonia joined the Eurovision family in 1994 . On their debut participation they were represented by Silvi Vrait, who finished 2nd last with only 2 points. Seven years later the country was crowned winner of  Eurovision Song Contest 2001 for the first and only time until today. Tanel Padar, Dave Benton & 2XL, performed the song Everybody and against all odds achieved to bring the trophy from Copenhagen in Estonia.

However this success didn’t continue as Estonia failed to qualify for the final from 2004-2008. In 2009 the successive bad results led to the establishment of Eesti Laul, as the show through which the country has been selecting its Eurovision entries the last ten years, having six times qualified to the final. Last year Eesi Laul 2018 winner,  Elina Nichayeva represented the country with her entry  La Forza which finish 8th in the Grand final.

In 2019, the country was represented by Eesti Laul 2019 winner, Victor Crone who performed on the Expo Tel Aviv stage the song “Storm” which finished 20th in the grand final.

Uku Suviste won the Esti Laul 2020 national final with the song “What Love Is” but due to the cancellation of Eurovision the musician was deprived the chance to represent Estonia in Rotterdam this year. Lets remember his Eurovision 2020 entry:

Source: EER

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