Estonia: No progress on funding efforts for Elina’s stage performance

Estonia: No progress on funding efforts for Elina’s stage performance

The hopes  to find the amount Elina Nechayeva needs in order to present “La Forza”  on the Eurovision stage are diminishing.

The amount required to rent three powerful projectors, which will project on Elina’s dresses, is about € 65,000, which they need in order to realize the impressive stage appearance of Eesti Laul 2018.

According to recent information, this money does not exist in the broadcaster’s bank account, and efforts to find the money through donors have been fruitless.

Head of delegation Mart Normet and Elina, speaking in  the «Ringvaates» television show said they were in a “state of despair”.

They expected that  the government would  run to fund the delegation  and treat it as a national plan. Unfortunately, the ministers do not consider this so  important and have excluded any  additional funding.

An attempt was made the project to be  financed by  Enterprise Estonia (EAS), which aims to promote businesses in Estonia but also the company did not accept.

Some Elina’s  fans, through her social media, suggested that her partner, businessman David Pärnametsa offered the money but Normet said:

“We are talking about a five-digit amount. «La Forza» is not the family work of Elina and David, it is the representation of the Estonian people! We can not go to someone’s wallet. No plan yet, but there are always thoughts. “

Despite the deterioration of the situation, the preparations continue for the competition.

Elina, together with designer Kristina Viirpalu, who had taken over last year’s Laura performance  in Kiev, continue to work closely together for the staging. Elina has revealed that they have increased the size of the pod that will remain 20 cm. She remains optimistic: “I still hope we will get the money for the show. I want to do my best for Estonia. My goal is the final. “

Watch, once again, the appearance of Elina with the impressive dress in the final of the Eesti Laul 2018:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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