The Estonian national selection for Eurovision 2020 kicks off tonight with the 1st semi final round of  Eesti Laul 2020 which will be presented by to by  Karl-Erik Taukar and Tõnis Niinemets.

In this first semi final round we will see compete the first 12 out of 24 acts, in order to secure a place in the gran final. Today’s contestants are:

  1. Rasmus Rändvee – Young
  2. Kruuv  – Leelo
  3. Stefan – By My Side
  4. INGA – Right Time
  5. Anett Kulbin & Fredi – Write About Me
  6. Revals – Kirjutan romaani
  7. Renate – Videomäng
  8. Laura Põldvere – Break Me
  9. Little Mess – Without a Reason
  10. Egert Milder – Georgia (On My Mind)
  11. Jennifer Cohen – Ping Pong
  12. Synne Valtri & Väliharf Majakad

From these 12 competing entries only 6 will qualify to the final. The first 5 qualifiers  will be determined by a combination of jury and public voting (50% each) while the sixth qualifier will be decided excpusively by the public in a second round of voting.

The Esti Laul 2020 jury will consist of the following members:

  • Andres Puusepp
  • Anu Varusk
  • Birgit Sarrap
  • Daniel Levi
  • Eda-Ines Etti
  • Hendrik Sal-Saller
  • Juri Makarov
  • Kaupo Karelson
  • Lauri Hermann
  • Madis Aesma
  • Maiken
  • Owe Petersell
  • Sten Teppan
  • Vaido Pannel

The first semi final of Eesti Laul 2020 will befgin at 18:30 CET and you can watch it HERE