Estonia’s First Rehearsal

Estonia’s First Rehearsal

Estonia is next on stage, after the second break of the day. Koit and Laura are back on the stage of Eurovision. Their song Verona  tells the story of lost love between two people. “Their time together is over now but the memory of it is still beautiful,”Koit said.

The stage is just black and white with no special effects. Just music and their voices. The staging is the same as in their National Final. Laua is wearing a long white dress and Koit is between a grey suit and a black leather jacket. In the beggining of the rehearsal it seems that they are not connected, but as the performance goes on they are confident. Their voices stick to each other. On the other hand, they have a lot of problems with the direction of their performance. In general, a good first rehearsal from Estonia.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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