Eurostars: Salvador Sobral: “Music is just a small detail of the show”

Eurostars: Salvador Sobral: “Music is just a small detail of the show”

Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision 2017 contest, appeared in the popular Spanish show “El Hormiguero”. As usual, he commented openly on Eurovision. So what are his thoughts on this year’s Eurovision?

“Music is just a small detail of the show”
In May, he said, nothing changed in the contest after his victory. Last week he said music is not the focus of the contest.

Specifically he said for “Toy” :

“Not indifferent. It does not move you. Songs that go and come and do not say anything. I do not think I will buy her CD. “

With regard to Eurovision, Sobral referred to how publicity and the impression of security measures influenced him.

“Hours after victory the body is asleep. She does not understand anything. I remember four bodyguards to follow me all the time. One stayed at the door of our hotel room and when I woke up there was still there. Do not know what they thought, that terrorists would kill the winner of Eurovision? They do not even know who, though you never know about Israel. “

Sobral also recognizes the positive aspects of Eurovision.
“It was not easy when I arrived in Lisbon. It was too much. I left Lisbon with only 50 people coming to my live and when I came back I was waiting for millions. It was all suddenly”.

In addition to “El Hormiguero,” Sobral appeared in Buenafuente’s “Late Motiv“. There he commented on the Spanish political scene, Uber and Airbnb with not so flattering words.

Referring to the subject of his health, he stated that he is full of happiness and gratitude after the heart transplant made to him

“I feel 1 year old instead of 28”.

Salvador Sobral will start a tour in Spain under the title “Excuse Me Tour“.

Here’s the winning song of 2017:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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