It is one of the most enjoyable moments of eurofan when two eurostars work together for a single. As we were informed from the account of San Marino‘s representative in 2016 Serhat, the artist’s collaboration with Elena Paparizou has arisen for the re-release of his first single “Total Disguise“. The single was released for the first time in 2004 and was presented in collaboration with Eurovision hostess 1987 and singer Viktor Lazlo.

Now is the time to listen to the song in a different way and of course along with Elena’s voice. Although the two artists participated in Eurovision for many years with each other, this did not prevent a beautiful partnership. We remind you that Serhat represented San Marino in 2016 with his song “I Did not Know” written by Nektarios Tyrakis.

Recently, we saw last year’s Eurostars Kasia Mos and Norma John’s collaboration for “Wild Eyes:, while many collaborations are going on between eurostars in the near future.

Remember the original version:


Listen below to the new version with Elena Paparizou: