Eurostream 2020: Here are the first semi final results

Eurostream 2020: Here are the first semi final results

The first semi final of Eurostream 2020 took place last evening determining the first 10 qualifying countries to the grand final round. 

The 2020 Eurovision edition has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Depsite the initial disappoitment, times demand to keep heads up, urging a group of Eurovision fan media outlets to run an alternative online version of the contest : Eurostream 2020! 

Eurostream 2020 includes the 41 competing countries that were to take part in this year’s cancelled Eurovision Song Contest. The competition will run entirely online and will feature three parts of live streaming , on 5, 7 and 9 May, resembling to the ESC format.  The 41 countries will be split up in two semi final rounds ( 5 and 7 May) according to the draw allocation taken place back in January. 10 countries from each semi final will qualifiy to the Grand final, where they will join last year’s winner, The Netherlands, and the Big-5 countries ( France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), just exactly as in real Eurovision.

First semi final results

In this first round we saw the first semi final countries compete while a body of jurors determined 50% of the vote with the fans having the right to votes 3 to 5 entries determining the rest 50% of the result. In semi final 1 we saw the following countries:

  • Australia – Montaigne – “Don’t Break Me”
  • North Macedonia – Vasil – “You”
  • Ireland – Lesley Roy – “Story of My Life”
  • Belarus – VAL-  “Da vidna”
  • Lithuania – The Roop – “On Fire”
  • Russia – Little Big – “Uno”
  • Slovenia – Ana Soklič – “Voda”
  • Sweden – The Mamas – “Move”
  • Azerbaijan – Efendi – “Cleopatra”
  • Belgium – Hooverphonic – “Release Me”
  • Israel – Eden Alene – “Feker libi”
  • Croatia – Damir Kedžo – “Divlji vjetre”
  • Cyprus – Sandro – “Running”
  • Malta – Destiny – “All of My Love”
  • Norway – Ulrikke – “Attention”
  • Ukraine – Go_A – “Solovey”
  • Romania – ROXEN – “Alcohol You”

10 countries won the ticket to the final . Along with 10 qualifiers the running order draw took place determining the position the qualifying entries will appear in the final round.

The 10 qualifers of the semi final 1 are: 

Lithuania (to appear 6th in the final)

Malta (to appear 3rd in the final)

Romania (8th)

Sweden (to appear 16th in the final)

Russia (to appear 13th in the final)

Israel (to appear 21st in the final)

Norway (to appear 12th final)

Australia (to appear 2nd in the final)

Azerbaijan (to appear 26th in the final)

Belgium  (will appear 17th in the final)

In case you missed last night’s semi final 1 you can watcht the whole show in the following video:


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