The split results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 have been revealed by the EBU. Italy was the winner in the televote , whilst the actual winner Mans Zelmerlow for Sweden took the jury vote.Runner-up Russia was in the top-3 of both juries and televoters. Australia got a 4th place at the jury vote, and finished in 6th place with the televoters.

Split-results-grand-final (1)Other outstanding facts are : Austria,though hosting country, ended up with 0 points on the last place, while she was in 13th place with the juries. Serbia ended up really low with the juries, but got a top-10 in the combined results, also because Montenegro and FYR Macedonia were forced to use only their televoting result.






            SEMI FINAL 1


Russia won both the televote and the jury vote in the first semi final. Finland would have been a qualifier if it was up to the televoters, whilst The Netherlands and Belarus got a place in the top-10 for the juries. Greece was favoured with a 4th place by the juries whilst the televote placed the country in the 9th place. Hungary made to the Final due to the 6th place by the jury vote whilst the televote placed it in the 12th position. Another remarkable results is Estonia’s 10th placing by the jury whilst the televoting boosted the country in the 2nd position.







Split-results-semi-2 Sweden was the big winner in the second semi final  as expected. Malta would have been a qualifier if it was up to the juries, which also had a place in their top-10 for Ireland. Czech Republic got the tenth place in the combined televote, but it wasn’t enough to make it. Another remarkable result is that of Poland’s, which got through to the Final with a 4th place based on the televote and a 16th placing by the juries that almost cost her qualifying to the Final. Total agrrement between televoting and juries were the results for Cyprus (8th place) and Portugal (13th placing).





If you want to get in depth of the full scoreboard of the results you can take a look here.