Eurovision 2015: Voting Scandal for two Balkan States.

Eurovision 2015: Voting Scandal for two Balkan States.

Right after the announcement of Sweden’s victory in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday The EBU  revealed the full split results of the 2015 Eurovision song Contest, which you can find the first Semi-Final,second Semi-Final and Grand Final here.  An additional  announcement was made by the EBU concerning the voting in two countries.

The jury results of F.Y.R. Macedonia and Montenegro for the Grand Final have been excluded after consultation of PwC, the contest’s independent voting observer, and upon the decision of the Executive Supervisor and the Chairman of the Reference Group.

In both countries, televoting applied for 100%. The exclusion of two juries will be further discussed in the next Reference Group meeting in June.


Angelo D.

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