Eurovision 2016: Aftonbladet indicates Måns as next host.

Eurovision 2016: Aftonbladet indicates Måns as next host.

Not long ago raising speculations indicated that the Swedish national broadcaster, SVT, had proposed to the winner of ESC 2015 to host Eurovision 2016.  Måns  himself expressed to the media his satisfaction if such proposal were to come and would be honored to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. And then came the confirmation through the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that all these scattered information coming in, indeed happened.

The newspaper reports that it is a matter of time all this to go public and that there are only some formalities left. Måns seems to have set some requirements to SVT, that have to do with the elements his hosting should have, giving priority to those that will bring forward his artistic side more than his hosting skills. His presenting abilities were already shown to the Swedish public by hosting Melodifestivalen 2010 and the Swedish summer music show Allsång på Skansen for three years (2011-2013), so he prefers this time to give to the public more Måns as an artist.

Furthermore, it’s not clear yet whether there will be a co-host on stage with him or if he will have any help from another one in the green room. Speculations on this have already brought forward some feminine names as Petra Mede, who hosted Eurovision 2013 by herself, Sanna Nielsen, Sweden’s representative for Eurovision 2014, and Gina Dirawi who co-hosted Melodifestivalen in 2012 and 2013.

Apart from all these news that slowly start forming the picture of what we will see in the Globe Arena in May, SVT seems to have heated the engines for good and doesn’t spare a day working on building the two semifinals and the grand final. However, it will need some time until we start having a clearer picture of what the Swedish broadcaster is preparing for us to see in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

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