EUROVISION 2016: Kaliopi for FYR Macedonia

EUROVISION 2016: Kaliopi for FYR Macedonia

MRT, the  national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia has announced today that Kaliopi will represent FYR Macedonia at the forthcoming 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm next May.

Three years after her Eurovision appearance in Baku in 2012, Kaliopi has confirmed that she will participate for FYROM once more in Stockholm. Kaliopi finished 13th in the 2012 grand final, with 71 points.


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, officially debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998. However, the country had already made efforts to enter the contest two years before since the Eurovision Song Contest 1996’s pre-selection round where it submitted its first song entry, “Samo ti” (Само ти) sung by Kaliopi, which failed to qualify to the final thus eliminating the nation from competing for the first time.

The country’s best result was in 2006, when Elena Risteska sang “Ninanajna” (Нинанајна) in Athens, Greece and came 12th.



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