EUROVISION 2016: Laura Tesoro for BELGIUM!

EUROVISION 2016: Laura Tesoro for BELGIUM!

Laura Tesoro is the winner of Eurosong 2016 and will represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song ‘What’s the pressure?’

These are results after the votes of the ten international juries and the televotes:

  1. Laura Tesoro – What’s the pressure (227p)
  2. Tom Frantzis – I’m not lost (200p)
  3. Adil Aarab – In our nature (159p)
  4. Amaryllis Uitterlinden – Kick the habit (149p)
  5. Astrid Desuyver – Everybody aches (125p)

The televoting opened once again for Laura Tesoro and Tom Frantzis for the superfinal. There Laura won! Enjoy the song that will represent Belgium this year!


George Michail

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