Eurovision 2017: First confirmations for Ukraine so far.

Eurovision 2017: First confirmations for Ukraine so far.

While still the Eurovision song contest of 2016 is fresh in our memory the first 11 countries already declare participation in Eurovision 2017  in the 16th, 18th and May the 20th (as they are the  provisional dates proposed by the EBU). So after  Spain, Norway, Hungary and Portugal the hosting country Ukraine, Sweden another group of 4 countries expressed their will to participate in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The national broadcaster of France, France 2, confirmed that the country will participate in next year’s eurovision song contest. The format though, through which the next French contestant will be determined will be revealed in the future.  This year  Amir  performed  J’ai cherche Globen Arena’s representing France and achieved an honorable 6th place in the Grand Final, the country’s best one since 2oo2.

ERR, the Estonian national broadcaster confirmed participation in next year’s contest and announced that a national selection will be held to determine the next Estonian representative. The final of Eesti Laul, Estonia’s procedure of selecting its contestant will be held on 4th March 2017. This year Juri Pootsmann  represented the country with his song Play, but didn’t manage to qualify to the grand final.

Another Scandinavian country confirmed its presence in next year’s contest! Finland through its national broadcaster YLE expressed its will to participate and announced that a national final will be held. Finland will select its next representative through UMK 2017 and all artists that are interested to claim the place of the next Finnish contestant can submit their application to the channel on September 1. More detail about the national selection will me reveled on YLE’s official web site.

Finland this year was represented by Sandhja with her song  Sing It Away in the 1st semi final but didn’t make it to the final.


Next country to confirm participation is Switzerland. Swiss national broadcaster SRF, confirmed the country’s participation in Eurovision 2017 and is most likely to hold a national selection. However more details about the format and the dates will be reveal the upcoming months.

This year Switzerland was represented by Rykka and the song The Last Of Our Kind, but failed to qualify to the final getting only 28 points in the 2nd final.

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